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Thread: Wii problem - Gamebackup

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    Angry Wii problem - Gamebackup

    When I run a burned game in my Wii, through backup loader, when the game loads, there is a weird scroll glitch thing. It continuously scrolls up, something like a strobe light. It has done it for Madworld and Trivial Pursuit. Both of which worked on a separate Wii console. If any one knows a fix your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    use a diff backup loader like geCkoOS

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    Its not the loader. I have both those games and they both work. Explane more so i can picture this.....

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    If the games are not of your region try to force your region on the backuplauncher. Happened to me with mario galaxy i thought nooooo! but then i forced my region ntsc and all was well.

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    that scrolling means you are using a PAL game on NTSC console. you can try to force to NTSC but keep in mind this doesn't work for every game, like Pikmin PAL. basically give it a try and see if it works if it doesn't it will NOT work right now so don't ask about how to force it. unless a new backup launcher comes out, get the copy for your region

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