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Thread: Wii Key update works with clones.

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    Wii Key update works with clones.

    Looks like the wiikey leaked update works with clones after all.

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    i'm not sure if mines a clone or not, so this is good news

    anywho, i'm curious, can the current setup disc work on a wiikey clone?? i got mine installed, they said it wasn't a clone, but you never know right? i didn't know how to check the chip, but i got it anyways, it works, but i was wondering if the last disc is supposed to work with clones, 1.2 i believe, cuz mine worked, but not sure if it can be used on clones or not

    anyways, sorry for the off topicness thx for the info again

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    I still get a disc read error when I burn this. The ISO image isn't supposed to be 4.7 gigs right? Mine is like 40 megs or something like that, I have had no problems booting anything else, backup games, wiikey 1.2 loader, etc. but I have blown 10 discs on this silly thing and it refuses to load!

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    BTW I have an NTSC region Wii and have tried every disc. (PAL NTSC JAP) and have eeven tried remaking the ISO image so that it is a full 4.7 gigs. Dunno what the deal is

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    omg dude what are you doing seriously Extract the zip file you will see the following
    and then some readme.txt and some other bullshit file

    Now if you have nero installed
    Right click over the us iso file select open with then select choose program
    select nero burning rom

    Place an empty dvd into your drive Make sure nero is in DVD mode and not CDR. Now nero is going to write a 40 meg file then it will appear that it is complete but it is not it will begin making a second pass of data. When nero is complete it will eject the dvd.

    Now load your disc into your wii when you get to the channels screen select load disc from upper corner. The wiikey update will begin it will show some chicks ass in lingerie it will ask you to press A button to begin testing the firmware. When this completes press A again it will begin writing the update then it will prompt you to press anykey when completed your wii will shutdown. Power up load your metroid game or will base 1.2 disc and everything will work. Make sure your wii is updated to v3 prior to doing this NEVER EVER EVER LOAD ANOTHER REGIONS FIRMWARE BOTH ON THE WII AND ON THE WIIKEY YOU WILL BE BRICKED AND ASSED OUT

    *the file is 40mb but it is still compressed and when burned it will add two sectors to the dvd the boot config and adds data sector so that the will will boot the disc up* IT works trust me.
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    BTW I have NTSC as well so it must be user error LOL Just look at the video above on this post shows you what to do when the disc boots.
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    That is just it... the disc DOES NOT BOOT... that is what I am saying. If it did boot, looking at the video, the updater tells you exactly what to do... press A.... wait for check.... press A... wait for update.... done. Problem is I am not able to get to that point because my Wii doesn't recognize the disc.

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    Haven't used nero, been using deep burner. By the way, you don't have to speak to me like I am an idiot... I have gotten dozens of games to work so I know how to burn an ISO or any other image for that matter. Don't see why nero would be magically different, but I will give it a shot!

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    No one here is making you feel like an idiot #1 was just simply guiding you dont get your panties in a twist

    Dont be ungrateful!! I am finding it odd that yours is not working you sure your chip is the real deal and not a clone?

    Other then this I don't have any other ideas for you.
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