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    Angry Problemo

    Evenin' Team

    i got a bit of a problem

    recently installed homebrew channel (all worked fine) on my wii firmware 3.4

    i was upgrading to 4.0 using standard wii update via the settings tab in main menu when power was lost to the wii

    i have had preloader 0.29 installed so it now boots straight to that

    this would all be fine and dandy

    if i hadnt screwed up homebrew channel earlier

    so what im left with is;

    A wii with no system menu

    no access to homebrew channel

    and no way to do anything other then lighting on and going to preloader menu

    preloader menu is not loading DOL files or ELFs either, when ever i try to it just says "Loading File..." and never loads or the words loading file dissappears and wii freezes at blackscreen

    pretty sure i need to install wads onto the system
    but it could be more
    i also have no idea how to do that with what im left with

    i got an sd card and internet connection on wii

    can anyone help?

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    lol i think your screwed unless you had bootmii installed lol like me.. u shouldnt have update to 4.0 because it sucks, u shouldve downgraded to 3.2.. i dont know what u can do.. im sorry try to send it in for repair to nintendo if all else fails

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    couldnt rly downgrade to 3.2 always got errors so i figured what goes up must come down (turns out wii doesnt like gravity :/)

    anyone with any suggestions?

    if i can find ticket hopefully can run HBC due to the fact that it is actually installed...

    and .dol's i can download that can just run games?

    if so hopefully i can run zelda hack and try fix fix it thatta-way

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    during turn-on the wii, press L+R+Up+Dw (*remark) of GC controller, see if u can get into maintenance mode. then, hunt for solution.

    *remark: need to open and modify the GC controller a bit, in order to have all the direction pads in contact simultaneously.


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