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Thread: Soldering a wasabi zero

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    Unhappy Soldering a wasabi zero


    I am a noob when I comes to hacking the wii so when I tried to install my wasabi zero with the clip. I put it in correctly the light flashed green but when I was putting the wii back together the clip came loss. So I took it off and put it back on and it think I might have accidentally damaged the clip because the light does not change from red to green anymore. I decided to soldered it instead. I was wondering if there are any tutorials for this and what are the exact materials I need to solder it and where can I find it. I have already looked at the wasabi zero solder installation diagram but I was wonder if there is anything better.

    Thx in advance

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    yes, there're threads with pictures of soldered modchips, and some says about workmanship & technique.
    use the key words, u may be able to locate it.
    yet, i guess the wasabi website is good enough for u to go.

    1. 60/40 or 63/37 flux solder alloy wire, to solder, dia. abt 1.5m/m
    2. #30 awg Kyvor wire, for connections
    3. alcohol, to clean after soldering

    a. 15~20watts soldering iron
    b. natural sponge, to clean the iron tip
    c. cutter, tweezer,...others
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    aloha Chaos,
    Billyhome is right on materials and tools

    Before solder though, I'd like you suggest that if you push down firmly w/o breaking the teeth from the modchips you will not need to solder. Try several things:
    1) Push firmly down on your mod chip that's on top of the drive, while pushing firmly, try to click the on button, if it turns green. Then you just needed to have the chip firmly placed. What I did to help keep mine is place which btw, is working well is I used the electrical black tape. While pressing firmly, I placed the black tape (around 2.5 inches by 3inches) over the board w/ the dip switches. I made sure the tape was tightly stuck to the board. They dont say it but it truly to me is to aid in securing the adapter. I checked several times w/ a back up before I sealed my wii.
    I havent have a problem with it getting loose as of yet, and I have taken it to several of my friends places to play games. Give it a try first.
    Let us know which way you choose? Goodluck
    ~aloha kawai

    If i've helped, pls press a thumbs thanks


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