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Thread: 4.0 and the HBC: what to do now

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    Post 4.0 and the HBC: what to do now

    Well, let me explain. I was at 3.4 and I managed to install the HBC through the Twilight Hack. I managed to install some emulators in the HBC and they worked, but I couldn't get WAD manager to work, or anything else. I eventually gave up and in a fit of frustration I updated to 4.0 through the system menu.

    Well, so now I have 4.0 and the HBC is still installed and the emulators still work. So I was wondering where I should go from here. Is it still possible to install WADs and whatever? What would I need to do to get the WAD manager up and running? Anyone have any recommendations?

    I apologize for making a new topic. I'm new here, and was unable to find anything that dealt with my issues.

    Thanks for your time.

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    second time i post this link follow the tut and u can do everything u want to ur wii uncluding installing wads..

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