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Thread: Questions On: cIOS and Wifi Games

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    Questions On: cIOS and Wifi Games

    Hi guys, since I downloaded the HBC I was wondering if it'd be safe for me to go on WiFi with games such as Animal Crossing: City Folk, or use the Internet Channel. Thanks.

    Also, do I need to change my cIOS since I only used BannerBomb to install my HBC, also what is the cIOS technically speaking?

    Once again, thank's in advance

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    if you have 3.2 with starfall then yes and second im not familliar with cIOS lol xD

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    cIOS: custom IOS , in order to run various homebrew programmes

    with HBC, it's safe for wifi games.
    plus, HBC could be updated via wifi
    updating HBC by wifi doesn't mean to update the Wii f/w simultaneously


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