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Thread: EA Sports Active won't load

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    EA Sports Active won't load

    I have just purchased EA Sports Active and this won't load on my Wii. I have a Wii running 3.2 (homebrew) with a 1.9g wiikey installed.

    When trying to get the Wii to load the game it comes up on the channels page then when I click it comes up with the big screen then I click START and the screen just goes black.

    My Wiikey is set to stop auto updates of firmware.

    Could I be running the wrong version and have to update?
    If I do what willl this mean for my homebrew etc?


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    From what i've read with other people having the same problem with other games, it might look like you will have to update to play it, although i do believe there is a way to get past it, but i don't know how thats done. I have a Drivekey and i'm running 4.0U so the newer games run fine for me.

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    Should i be able to simply install the IOS for this game?

    If so could anyone tell me how/where to get themand how to do it?

    I do have the homebrew channel..

    thanks again

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    How do I patch it to allow me to play EA sports active?

    I would like to keep homebrew?

    Do I have to upgrade to 4 and then reinstall homebrew?

    Can't I simply load the homebrew or WAD manager and install the IOS for EA Sports active? If I can where do I get the IOS from?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions...

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    Is the game your trying to play Pal or NTSC. I've noticed alot of people having trouble with the PAL version.

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    Mine is the offical PAL version complete with accessories...

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    Ok well I dont have HB, but i bet if you updated to 4 it would work just fine. You wouldn't have to take off HB, it would actually stay, but some of the homebrew applications would no longer work. You would have to check to see which ones those would be. There are alot of people on here that could help so just wait it out and see if anyone has some usefull information for ya.

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    lastoneleft_00 thanks for your help...

    If I was to upgrade to 4.0 how would I do this and would I risk removing the homebrew software and replacing this with an official nintendo version? And would that cause me problem with my wiikey and backups?


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    Before you do anything you should try to update your wiikey to 1.9s

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    Apologies I think I am running 1.9s (wiikey) and 3.2E (wii firmware) as I remember doing this when I went to 3.2 and homebrew.

    I am on 1.9s is it safe to do the 4.0 upgrade? Do I do the upgrade via the nintendo menu system upgrade or do I have to download it to SD?

    Also went to the homebrew channel and have the following options:-

    1. WAD Manager
    2. Custom WM
    3. IOS Downgrader v1.1
    4. Custom IOS Downgrade
    6. cIOS Installer
    7. Shop Channel Install
    Homebrew Browser
    /apps/5. Starfall/boot.dol

    Can I use any of these to get EA Sports Active working?

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