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Thread: Updating with Homebrew.

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    Updating with Homebrew.

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked before but there's a million posts that come up in the search that are different from what I need.

    Anyway I'm using 3.2e with a DriveKey and after downgrading from 3.4e I've gotten all my homebrew working and I can backup my games with my USB Gecko. Is it safe to get system updates from game disks now that I have the HBC, cIOS's and my homebrew loaded up or will the new updates cancel them all?

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    Some updates just add IOS which is fine, but then some install new sys menus, so you are best to block all of them and manually install any IOS you may need. So if you are happy with your set up then keep it the way you want it with Preloader or Starfall.


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