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Thread: PES 2009 update?

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    PES 2009 update?

    Just trying Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and it's asking me to do an update to the Wii. Is it safe to do this with the D2SUN mod chip fitted? Haven't seen this with other games and if I try brickblocking the ISO then I get a black screen when I press start?
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    Yeah got the same here, D2SUN v1.3a (no soldering) & just burnt 3 games, .dl, & burnt a 1 x on Nero 9 after WiiBlocker v1.3R2 ,there all PAL but checked with RegionFree v1.20, same here game shows in menu, but soon has on presses "A" screen goes black. Thats it, anyone got any Ideas ? or do I need to up-date my chip to another version !


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