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Thread: coming soon lu64 4.0 fix

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    coming soon lu64 4.0 fix

    i read on hackmii a bunch of technical jargen i didnt understand but what it came down to is they have found a way to install homebrew on lu64 with 4.0 but they don't simplify the programs so if you can't do what they do you have to wait for softmii to develope softmii 3.0 which is being created off the info hackmii discovered if anyone can understand the technical stuff theyre talking about and has the means to help them test please do so this can be done as soon as possible i would if i could but limited computer access and not being able to unlock my wii means i can't download anything even if i took the time to learn all the technical talk which i eventualy will anyways so i can help in the future

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    got a link?

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    wish i could

    i can't post a link because i go online with my wii most of the time and only use roomates comp when i have to download something because its a big hassel but google hackmii and it should come up with the site it's hackmii installer v 0.1ok got the adress
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    Will this fix allow a new LU65 serial system with 4.0U to be modded?

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    as soon as it's done testing and a simpler instalation guide can be put together or you can do it the way they say on there if you know how it will allow hacking of 4.0 with new boot1 files found on higher lu64 and lu65 and up model wiis that is what i've been looking for to unlock my system so hopefully doggeggs can write a guide to installing it so we can get this done


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