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Thread: Problems with GH Metallica and World Tour

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    Problems with GH Metallica and World Tour

    Sorry if here is not the perfect place to write some problems with games, but i havent found any place better.
    I downloade iso's for Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Metallica, from different sources, got different images. I have burned in different medias, different speeds (1x, 2x, 4x), with different programs, and even switched from windows to linux, in order to burn the dvd's in k3b and brasero (I use alcohol and imgburn in windows). Well, after dozens of lost dvd's, i still got the following error when I use SOFTCHIP with IOS 249v7 to run (backup gamma doesnt even load anything):

    Loading Game...
    Disc ID:
    Magic Number: 0x0
    Disc Title: Partition Info is at: 0x0
    [-] No Boot Partition Found.
    Exception: Wrong Offset

    Does anyone have a clue of what can be happening? This happens ONLY in guitar hero world tour and Metallica. I have burned more than 20 downloaded different games, and had never gor this kind of error. I searched over google and seems that noone on earth has got this error too!

    btw, my wii is modded, usa, 4.0U, upgraded with waninoko stuff, homebrew channel working perfectly.

    Thanks a lot for any incoming help.


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    You have soft mod or modchip? Your IOS should be 37 and should not be changed at all. Dont run the game in softchip at all. Those 2 games work perfectly for me in backup launcher.

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    Thank you very much! I think I have the 37, but i will check this out.
    And i have modchip.


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