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Thread: No system menu on boot

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    No system menu on boot

    Hi Everyone.

    I've gone and done an install of system menu 4 for HBC, but was getting issues loading discs (tried going through the ios / cios install process again didn't seem to work) so i've then gone tried to uninstall the system menu(idiot) and now all i'm getting is a black screen on boot. The drive spins the lights are on just nobody's home.

    Got any clues let me know.

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    do you have preloader or starfall?

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    this has happened to me, preloader fails to load, and bootmii doesnt load anything from the SD card

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    tried to uninstall the system menu is really sth.... :9

    if u couldn't get into maintenance mode of wii, it's gone !

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    This is what I get for doing this sort of thing at some wierd hour of the night.

    I didn't get as far as getting preloader onto it , but once i broke this one i put preloader onto the other one that i've got to avoid the same thing (lesson learnt).

    I might try and see if i can get a GC controller and get into maintainence mode and use the nintendo backup disk to do an upgrade on it. If all else fails i might have to get a chip of some sort to fix it.

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    I've tried to do the CG controller trick and it didn't work... didn't think it would anyway.

    It's looking like it may actually be a dead bluetooth module. The giveaway was that I couldn't do a power on or off from the controller It wouldn't pair with the Wii either I've had it opened up and removed the module then it could power up. The NAND was also backed up as a just in case.

    So If your machine won't give you audio or video on boot but you can hear the drive spin it's very highly likely that it's a corrupt bluetooth module.

    i'm getting a new module for it tommorrow so we'll see if that does the trick.


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