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    HackMii banner


    I don't know why Team Twiizers didn't make HackMii Installer as a native HomeBrew Channel Application.

    If you want to see HackMii Installer appear as an application in the HomeBrew Channel, this is what to do in 6 simple steps:

    1. Download HackMii Installer from here:
    2. Unzip HackMii Installer somewhere on your hard drive and copy the "hackmii_installer_beta1" directory to the /apps/ directory on your Wii's SD Card
    3. Read the file called README
    4. Rename the file "installer_beta1.elf" to "boot.elf"
    5. Download "icon.png" and "meta.txt" from this post and put them in the directory from Step-2 ( SD:/apps/hackmii_installer_beta1/ )
    6. Rename "meta.txt" to "meta.xml"
    7. Rename "485d1242941192-hackmii-banner-icon.png" to "icon.png"
    ...sorry, the forum renamed the image after I uploaded it :/

    You're done!

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    Very sorry - it seems HBC is struggling with "greyscale" icons. If you find the bootmii icon appears to be corrupt, try this "web-safe palette" version.

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    It's going to be "one of those weeks"(tm)
    ...The 1st icon highlighted a bug/feature/oversight in HBC
    ...The 2nd icon looks great on my 21" 4x3 CRT TV
    Now let' see if I can generate one that both works with HBC *and* looks good on a 42" 16:9 HDTV

    ...and the next time I use the word "simple" I will try to include my name in the same sentence


    PS. Repeat after me "Technology makes our lives *easier*"
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    thanks your the man, just what i was looking for

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    How about doing some more for other apps?

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    you can already get the hackmii banner straight from the homebrew channel. it will ask if you want to update, you select yes and it will download and load. The installer will remain in the hbc with the icon and info


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