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    Us Animal Crossing City Folk

    I need bells plz help me!!! Or at least tell me a way to hack them!!! I bought a wii powersaves i thought it was an action reply it wasnt i really would like help.
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    If you know anybody with a town you can ds suitcase to it's easy.

    First Player 1 needs to make sure they are not carrying anything with them they care to lose (mail, items, bells, etc.) because they will lose everything except the shirt off their back.

    Player 1 makes sure their is money in his bank account and leaves town via DS suitcase.
    Player 1 goes to Player 2's town.
    While in Player 2's town, Player 1 takes money out of bank account and throws on ground. Repeat as nessicary.
    Player 1 goes back to the gate in Player 2's town and leaves via DS.
    Here's the important step. TURN OFF YOUR DS after Player 1 leaves and do not return to Player 1's town via DS.
    Just turn on your game and select Player 1's character , and when Rover nags about not returning via DS tell him it's ok.

    Since the game doesn't know that Player 1 threw down all his money in Player 2's town, all the money is still in Player 1's bank account, and the money is also on Player 2's ground. Repeat as needed. You can double each other's bells fast, though it does take while when you start throwing down 10,000,000 or more bells.

    But remember you'll lose everything on your person except your shirt so don't carry anything you don't want to lose.

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