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Thread: Homebrew goes to black screen upon starting

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    Homebrew goes to black screen upon starting

    I was following the guide at

    everything was working perfectly until STEP 3 -
    +Load "Install Shop IOS51". Say Yes to installing IOS51 and Yes to patching a fix but No to the Wii Shop Channel.

    I did what it said, when it said completed the wii froze. i held in the power button turned back on and now homebrew and shop channel go to black screens when i press to start them?

    any ideas?

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    remove the shop channel with data management option, its old and doesn't work anymore, then try running anytitledeleter with bannerbomb and deleting IOS51 (don't delete anything else!!!) if your hbc still doesn't work then remove that too and try reinstalling.

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    Dogeggs you are in the wrong for helping this person. He posted in the wrong section, which is a no-no, and you continued to help him. I'm going to RR him, but I will let you off this time. Thanks


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