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Thread: Slow torrent downloads what are your times?

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    Slow torrent downloads what are your times?

    I have noticed that alot of people here prefer downloading backup iso of games they currently ownoff torrent sites.

    One site that is private is demonoid I tried this gota say this is slow as hell and shit I am on 20/5 connection close to 2 days. And I am port forward etc.
    not new to bittorent. What is the everage download time for you folks?

    Too bad there are not as many iso on IRC because thats where my downloads are blazing fast.

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    well i've never tried a wii game on demonoid. Now when I use wiitorrents. I can basicaly pick up speeds between 80kbs to 270kbs. It's just hard for me to upload because everyone has the games already.
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    I have not tried demonoid, however I have had luck with just searching isoHunt. Some packs will go as fast as 350kbps, but my average is probably around 60, maybe a little more, maybe less, depending on how popular the download is. I pretty much have gotten over waiting a while, my pc is always on, so when a download finishes it is just a special treat. I rarely ever have to wait more than a day or two for a download to finish, usually it is half a day, but on really fast packs I have finished in as little as 3-4 hours. One thing you need to be sure of is that you are not being throttled. An easy way to see this, especially using utorrent) is to check your connection. utorrent has this at the bottom of the screen. There should be a green check mark in it. If there is not you either have an issue with port forwarding or, since you say you know what you are doing here, you are being throttled by your isp. I have a link to a guide in the forums of how to use a shell account to get around this. Hope this helps!

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    See on IRC which is limited on iso's but the ones that I have tested my downloads range from 400kbps to as high as 1.5mbps this is my prefered method of choice but like I said there needs to be a channel created devoted to wii isos right now theres only about 12 isos on irc thats it worldwide on all the networks which is not even .5% of all the irc networks and channels worldwide.


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