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Thread: Flatmii 125

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    Arrow Flatmii 125

    FLATMII 125
    is 2 in 1 Unique and Exclusive 100% SOLDERLESS solution adding FLATMOD (Http:// for reference ) technology functionfor DVD/DVD-DL/Multigame backup playing over ALL drives including EPOXY or D3/D2NOTHING drives + Highspeed 2.0 USB ISO streaming DVD emulation function . Play,and emulate any of your stored Wii/Gamecube DVD or pc stored image discs . Soldering installation, clip or any software modification is not required for FLATMII 125.

    FLATMII 125 supports ALL the firmwares including the latest 4.0 without ANY CUSTOM IOS or software/hardware modification required.

    You can even use your Wii without a Wii DVD drive or if the drive is faulty because it's not required
    for the FLATMII use. Install FLATMII in only 5 minutes with a few "Plug and Play" steps.

    • 100% Solderless
    • NO clip required
    • NO CUSTOM IOS required
    • 4.0 and Up Firmware compatible / Plug and Play
    • 2 in 1 / USB 2.0 ISO Streamer and BUILTIN drivechip function
    • ALL chipsets compatible including EPOXY & D3 drives
    • STANDALONE mode (No wii dvd drive/media needed)
    • COMBO drive/flatmii mode including drive modchip function
    • Highspeed USB 2.0 fast loadings
    • Wii/Gamecube/ISO9660/Multi and DL ISOS compatible
    • Region free and Upgrades Blocker
    • Full Compatible with Geckos,Mplayer,Emulators & Homebrew
    • Wii iso remote tool selector (requires homebrew capabilities)
    • Cheap,no more than 38Euros retail price
    • DVD drivechip EXPRESS CONFIG function
    • Protect drive system

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    what's with the usb thingy?

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    what's the point of this with softmods and the ability to backup games on a USB Hard Drive via PC or Linux??

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    Quote Originally Posted by allanb21 View Post
    what's the point of this with softmods and the ability to backup games on a USB Hard Drive via PC or Linux??
    What is the point of this pointless post, in the wrong section. How about the reading room for a couple of days, to get your head straight.

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    kick ass chip

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    excellent i been waiting for this,to put in a wii with dead drive..

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    So this will work on a LU64 with 3.4u ?

    and i read where it says usb image loading, does that mean from a standalone external harddrive or would it need to be connected to a pc ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beta|four View Post
    what's with the usb thingy?
    I thinks get power from there

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    My wii is strictly softmod at the moment but a chip like this sounds like enough to swing me to the other side.

    i would like to see, or possibly do a Wii mod with no DVD drive, one of these chips and a 300gb disk with external usb connection... i will look into it.

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    Have any of you people ever even looked at the site to see how this thing works?

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