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Thread: Safe or unsafe to turn on wiiconnect24 on LU64?

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    Safe or unsafe to turn on wiiconnect24 on LU64?


    I have successfully soft modded my LU64xxxx using the LU64FIX. BIG KUDOS to that fix!!!!! Anyways, can I turn on wiiconnect24 without screwing myself? Biggest fear is that my wii will automatically update to 4.0 and will render all of my homebrew apps useless. I'm on the factory set 3.4U currently, and I have read that these systems will brick if you try to downgrade them. I have no desire to upgrade the fw, but I really want to access the shop channel to play those games with friends and fam out o town.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!!!

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    it wont auto update unless you set it to auto update.

    and for the shop channel, install these.

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