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Thread: Black Screen Loading: Only PAL and NTSC-J Games work on my NTSC-U WII...Help?

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    Us Black Screen Loading: Only PAL and NTSC-J Games work on my NTSC-U WII...Help?


    Let me first say that I have followed countless tutorials online and succesfully had my 4.0U Wii downgraded to a 3.2U and had
    USB loader 1.4 working yesterday.

    I accidently clicked on something...I wanna say it was ISO Downgrader, or something...and after that my NTSC-U games no longer worked.

    I read online that MadWorld required IOS53 or something, so I searched online to try and find that individual file but I accidently clicked that Downgrader or SOMETHING that is causing most of my games to no longer run.

    Ironically, as I see a thousand posts about the PAL version of Punch OUT!! not working for most NTSC users, it's the only game that does RUN!
    It stinks -- I love the game, it's fantastic, but I wanna play my older games like Boom Blox, etc.

    When I load NTSC games, they may flash green, or pink, then just turn the screen black.

    I read online about NTSC games being blocked by some Trucha bug or someting? I do not know if the bug is good or bad, as I am a bit of a noobie, but I know my way around things. Is there any IOS responsible for this bug being 'fixed' that makes my NTSC games unplayable?

    And -- when I try and IOS Downgrade, currently, it says "ititalizing connection, your WII IP adress is x.x.xx.x or whatever, and then it says "Press A to begin." And I do, and then it says "Press A to restart" without "downgrading" IOS60 or whatever.

    Any help would be much appreciated, as I'd like to play my NTSC games again.

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    uhmm the trucha bug should be fixed when you have downgroaded to 3.2u succesfully are u sure u have downgraded? check system menu...


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