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Thread: Pal games and SSBB problems on NTSC wii

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    Ca Pal games and SSBB problems on NTSC wii

    i having a problem with pal games wii music scrubbed, rayman raving rabbids, HOTD Overkill, and medal of honors heros. tried burning each of these games on 1x and 4x all on verbatim -r except for SSBB. problem is black screen all the time, i've patched with regionfrii and brickblocker. after that wii music and HOTD can go to the splash game screen. for SSBB i used the scrubbed one and didn't work tried the NTSC DL one, still didn't work. followed the special buring process for SSBB sectors in LO 2084960 got to the loading black screen then the white screen happened and told me to refer to the manual because it cannot load it.

    i'm using the new wasabi dx with system update of 3.3u

    any help will be appreciated
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    i can be wrong but maybe you need ios installed
    im still new at this so wait and see if someone can awnser with more info

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    like i'm not sure if i'm burning it wrong or just bad disks... surprisingly mario kart pal actually works... and that it for pal games for me. wii play, and cooking mama NTSC seem to be working fine, even gc games NTSC works too. so i guess it's pal issues.

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    mario kart no more heroes zelda and alot more work fine for me but freakin ssbb doesnt work (DVD5).. i think u need the dvd9 and double layered disks and then burn at 2,4.

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    well i did burn it on a dl disk but still come up with the frozen white screen telling me to eject the disk then restart. but most of all i wan't to play pal version and it's not letting me as most games i have started downloading is from espalwii.

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    help anyone???

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    so far all NTSC works for me except SSBB....

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    no one wants to help?


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