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Thread: Help on Pal game

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    Help on Pal game

    my is ntsc wii, but when i burn some game like pikmin2(pal), monster vs ali whyen(pal) is dosent worl, after loaded the disc, and i click the start then comes out the black scren... can someone tell me why?

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    It's most likely the effect of DriveKey blocking an attempt of an out-of-region update from your game discs. Check out this post.

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    i just update to 4.0u, but is still not working with those game, it comes out black screen again~~~

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    Hmmm, I have a PAL Wii, so unfortunately I cannot test it to see if I have the same problem... Perhaps other NTSC users can help out here?

    As a quickfix you may want to start looking for NTSC backups of those games instead

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    How are you trying to play them?

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    I had this problem for a while. I updated to 4.0 and SOME of the games work. PIKMIN 2 however did not. Try other games, they're not all gonna work. good luck!


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