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Thread: Help with 4.0e

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    Help with 4.0e

    Hi guys,
    I am a noob at this stuff. My son wants to be able to play games that are backed up on disc and maybe the odd dvd. I have read almost everything on the HBC, hackmii, bootmii and everything else you could imagine. My problem is, I know we have menu version 4. I know about bannerbomb. Can someone tell me what is the safest or best option to use. I have information overload and my head is about to explode! Thanks.

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    First off you need to decide if your going to do a soft-mod or chip. Here is a great run down of that issue.

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    Thanks jelque,
    Your guide is awesome. I was thinking of softmod, only due to the warranty issue and not having to open it up. In saying that, do you have any recommendations?? I have system menu 4.0E (PAL) serial LAH1065...
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