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Thread: Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma, IOS36 HELP!

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    Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma, IOS36 HELP!

    Okay, so I downloaded the Backup Launcher on my 4.0.
    I keep getting that darn error message:
    "DVD Read Err (324) no cIOS"
    I'm new to all of this so I really don't know what to do.
    I've got v12.22 Homebrew and cIOS36 rev 10.
    Both have been installed successfully.
    I've burned 2 games on Maxell DVD-R
    Both burned with ImgBurn on 2x.
    Please can anyone help me?

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    Wait a minute?

    I thought that backup launcher gamma 0.3 needed wiigator's cIOS. Does it work with waninkoko's cIOS?
    If so, I've been stuck with menu patcher all this time.
    Could someone confirm that they have cIOS36rev10 (wanikoko) and are running backup launcher gamma 0.3

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    Heck, I donno. That's probably why it's not working. It's just the one that came with it. These stupid cIOS confuse the crap outta me.

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    Yes, I can confirm that.
    Softmodded my friend's Wii with Gamma Launcher, cIOS249, and cMIOS, and everything works.

    Download CIOScorp and install it, you won't need to worry about Gamma Launcher anymore.

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