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Thread: I think I almost got it. Noob needs help, of course!

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    I think I almost got it. Noob needs help, of course!

    This is my first time doing this, so bare with me.
    I have a virgin 4.0 system (launch system, btw). So far, I have Bannerbomb, Bootmii, and the Homebrew channel (and homebrew browser) all set up. I have the Wad Manager v1.4 on my SD card too..with 2 wads in there. When I go through the steps to install them I get an error message 2011. Could someone explain what I need to do? Also, try and be as simple as possible about it

    ALSO, I currently have my Wiiconnect24 off. Will I be allowed to put it back on, ever? Can I also access the Shop Channel or The Nintendo Channel without having to worry about anything?

    As of right now, I am just trying to play VC/WW games. Not worrying about retail games yet

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Nothing? It seems like I am probably missing something very simple. I thought for sure someone would explain what that missing part would be. ;(

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    First of all Good luck with the rest of your wii life

    Next, get IOS downgrader (not cIOS downgrader, IOS downgrader)
    Put the foldr in your apps foldr and name the .dol, boot.dol
    In HBC, run it
    It may fail no try running it again until it works and post back any errors
    After that install cIOS36 rev10 (if you want but i reccomend it) by getting the installer and doing the normal process through HBC

    Also if it's not LU64, try downgrading it to 3.2 the magic firmware using various guides that can be found in the forums

    Now try instaling yor WAD's xD


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