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Thread: What WFC region am I playing in???

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    What WFC region am I playing in???

    I recently got Mario Strikers for the wii and tried playing online. It seems as though I have the european release since the word "football" is on the game intro. Does that mean that, when I log on to the WFC, I am playing on the Euro Server? Or does my wii's region (US) determine who I play with?

    Im asking because it seems as though there are very few people playing in the evening ~ 8...when I would expect more people to play and I got suspicious.


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    I think your theory makes sense.... I am not sure though... you might want to buy the USA version.

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    Yeah, it connects to the euro servers... well sorta... not sure if there are servers in europe per se but "Mario Strikers Charged Football" is technically considered to be a different game than "Mario Strikers Charged" so in a way, yes regardless where the server is you are playing the euro version of the game hence nobody on at peak times for US players


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