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Thread: Another noob bites the dust...

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    Another noob bites the dust...

    I installed a WiiKey 2 on my 4.0 system. Everything was working fine until I I tried to downgrade to 3.2. In my blurry eyed late night idiocy I'm pretty sure I picked 3.2E on my NTSC system. Now when I turn on my wii it seems to boot fine but the screen is constantly flipping vertically. Even with the screen flipping I can tell that HBC is not loading and CDs are not loading either. Can anyone throw me a cluestick as to which way to proceed from here?

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    If you can...

    If you can, try to do bannerbomb exploit(if you can do anything) to load anyregion changer and change your region to 3.2U again

    Just a guess as this hasn't crossed me before, i thought you just get a semi-brick

    Well...just try it and see what happens

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    I think you can explore the "SaveMii" option. I googled it and it uses GameCube memory card that carries firmware restoration file embedded. Maybe you want to check it out.

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    I figured out that I can boot DVDs but they must be PAL format. Obviously. Although very painful I CAN navigate to the HBC as well and even start cIOS Downgrader. I get lost from there.

    My question now is can I create a DVD with an easy way to downgrade? Or even put something on the SD card? If I can start a program with a known number of up/down/A/B or whatever clicks I can lick this.



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