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    Black Screen

    So after doing some research I have basically found that the Black Screen is due to a region issue on your system. in some cases regionfrii fixes this, in others not. My first encounter with the black screen issue (which I will not define since those who are looking at this post know why they are here) was with the PAL version of Boogie on my NTSC system. I burned about 6 copies with different configs all on 1x burn speed (brick blocker, regionfrii, etc.) to no avail. I finally decided to get the NTSC version of the game and it worked beautifully, no issues. I have had this same occurance with the PAL Mario Party 8; it worked once I got the NTSC version (native, not regionfrii setup). Hopefully with wiikey updates this will fix. I have not been able to get wiikey 1.9b to load on my system (I get a disc read error every time), hopefully the official release (crossing my fingers any day now on this one) will actually work for me! in short, if you get the game to recognize but a black screen comes up on loading, keep the disc, you are (probably) safe to get rid of the ISO, your only chance really is to wait for chip updates.

    As to why some games work (for example Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race runs without modification no problems) I am baffled. Hopefully time will only increase compatibility.

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    I agree i get black screens on NTSC games BUT this wil be worked around remember teh modding for teh wii is in very early infant stages.

    Look at the xbox 1 when that first could be done..
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    I got into xbox 1 late in the game, never liked microsoft but I won a free xbox and decided to mod it, probably like 2 or so years it had been out by then. if there were similar issues, rest assured everyone they will be remedied

    On that note however, Microsoft has improved the quality of their stuff, nearly everything post xbox1 (including Windows Vista) I now own legit... make shit worth paying for and people will pay. Don't be mad at pirates, be mad at the greedy companies spewing out absolute crap...

    Ok, didn't mean to change topics here, sorry!

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    Microsoft has improved the quality of their stuff

    Erm the 1st gen xbox360 sadly over heating.

    Say one in toyrus with the red ring of death lol on display to customers
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