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Thread: Emulators and roms any guides?

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    Emulators and roms any guides?

    How do you get snes or nes roms to play on the wii?

    a friend of a friend of a friend has a wii with a wiikey but cannot seem to find how to load an emulator and roms.

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    Use wiikey boot disc v1.2 (soon 1.3 will be officially released). it will boot right off the sd card (the roms that is) but you will need a gekko drive to put the sd card in your memory card slot because the disc boots as a gamecube disc

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    its amazing how much you figure out after you make the post. Yeah came across the disc with roms already on it.

    I was not aware that I still need the gamecube controller in order to play them unless there is a way to get the regular wiimote to work.

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    The emu runs in the Gamecube OS so (currently) there is no way to get the wiimote to work. You need a gamecube controller but they should be super cheap used, so paying ten bucks for a million (or so) roms isn't a bad deal!

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    Picked up Madcats wireless remote @ walmart gota say I am one happy camper.

    Just one to point out to all of you here in the forums that have answered and assisted Much thanks great to see an online community where there is chilled out everyone seems to get along for the most part and not act like kiddies.

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    no worries man, enjoy those roms!


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