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Thread: modified ntsc/u wii to pal tv's

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    modified ntsc/u wii to pal tv's

    I bought a wii-key modified wii in the Philippines and brought it in Italy, however when i plugged my wii to PAL tv, games were all in black & white. Is there any other way that i can play my ntsc games to PAL tv in full-color. I heard that there is one solution which is the wii freeloader but this item is very hard to find. I have already searched stores and on the internet but none of them had ntsc wii freeloader. Not to mention that i have also downloaded a wii freeloader on the internet but it didn't work. Desperately asking for your help. Thanks!

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    Hmm used to be a similar problem with the ps1 as well.

    Its the tv basically it will do NTSC but would try a different tv for colour.
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