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Thread: Help on 3.4 Downgrade

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    Help on 3.4 Downgrade

    ive tried to follow various guides but regardless get stuck on the same step everytime. please someone help me with this xD. I can open up HBC and wad manager and select IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad it says opening WAD file, that works then when it tries to install it says
    installing title... ERROR! (ret = -1035)
    this happens with all other WADs too. any help?!

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    Did you use the right version of IOS16 for your region? You might want to google it to find the right IOS for your version.

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    IOS are region free so forget that.....try uninstalling IOS249 with anytitledeleter, if that doesnt work try using cios uninstaller 1.1 and if that doesn't work either try cios uninstaller 1.0 ...good luck!


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