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Thread: Annoying Gecko SO thing...

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    Annoying Gecko SO thing...

    Ok, so I've been searching for a couple HOURS now and can't find anyone who can answer my question...or cares enough to repond to it. I got wii HBC installed alright, but now I want to get Gecko OS so I can get the unlimited bell cheat in ACCF. However, I dont know which version of gecko I need, where to put the file in my SD card, how to get it to show up in HBC, or how to put the ACCF cheat in and activate it once I DO get it installed. Anyone know what I do, layman's terms please, Im not good at this sort of thing. Sorry if this has already been answered, or if its in the wrong place, or whatever you can think to complain about. Im just annoyed and stressed out over this!!

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    Get homebrew browser
    Run it from the hbc.
    On the web site goto utilities
    At the moment the second app down is the latest gecko
    Download it
    Come out of browser
    Run gecko from hbc

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    I don't use it so i'm not sure but get 'Ocarina' app and learn how to use it. It is embedded into Gecko OS 1.7b
    Ocarina is a cheat device but 'homebrewised'


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