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Thread: My wads not worked.....please, help me!!!!!

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    My wads not worked.....please, help me!!!!!

    I instal the homebrew channel, wad manager. I make the download snes games .wad and put in wad file and insert the sd card on wii. I goes to homebrew channel and instal the wads, ok. I return to wii menu and run the game. Begin the game and few seconds appears the black screen and my wii not function. So i need reset it by press the power buton.
    I instal the ios 38, 53 and 55 and try again rum the snes games and not work again. I tested the DK3, SUPE MARIO AND SUPER PUNCH OUT anything them not work.

    Please help me, i dont know what more to do.

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    Thumbs down No is coming...!!!!!

    Boy ...aren't you a bright one

    No is coming...!!!!!

    you didn't read the rules here
    you posted in forums clearly stating "do not start thread here"
    you triple posted in different forums and all in 20 minutes

    wait..we'll be there as soon as we can


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