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    Anyone had any trouble with this company??

    I've paid 49.99 to have my wiikey installed (this includes picking it up via courier and dropping it back off when its done.

    Has anyone used them or heard of any problems as I can't get hold of them now???

    It's meant to be getting picked up today BUT i have no details for them apart from their website address and an email address!!

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    I checked the site out and I'd have to say I would be dubious about buying from them. There's no business address or contact number and the feedback from other sources (1), (2), (3) speaks for itself.

    I did find an address and contact number for you, if that helps.

    47 Trafalgar Road
    West Midlands
    B24 9AP
    Tel: 0121 240 3277

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    Erm thats a 10 min train drive from me.

    Looks like a housing estate in Brum..

    Rather you then me go there
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    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    I used them this week for chipping my wii with a wiikey, collected on wed and returned on saturday, no problems at all

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    Thumbs up

    I agree...i have since received emails from the company and received the products!

    I have also sent off my Brothers wii and he has had it chipped perfectly well.

    I was correct to add this post as i received no communication from them and although they are very slow to reply to emails (probably just busy) i believe they do a good job at chipping machines.

    so i can recommend them...whole heartedly!!!! very good company hahaha <bites another slice of humble pie>

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    I am afraid to say I cannot reccomend them. Let me start by saying I do not for one minute think that there is anything dodgy about the site or its owner, he is just unreliable and you really take pot luck as to wether you get good or bad service. There are other posts to this effect I found on the web AFTER I had placed my order

    I placed my order on the 29th August to have a Wiikey fitted, lured by the promise of a 3 day turn around. The money was taken from my account straight away. I heard nothing for weeks, despite emails sent to the site. Eventually after threatening to get my money back via complaining to PayPal, I got a reply and my wife recieved a telephone call very appologetic saying that there had been a problem with the sites email system, but now a courier would be arranged to pick my Wii up. The courier never arrived on the day stated. Another few emails and another appology, followed by a different pick up date. This time the courier did pick up my Wii, so I duly expected it back within a few days. Once again I heard nothing for over a week, despite succesive emails. I then got an email telling me it had been dispatched on the Wednesday. Nothing arrived. On Thu 20th Sept I telephoned, and once again the person was appologetic telling me he had got my order mixed up with another person of same surname. But he then proceeded to tell me he had not recived my console, it was still at the couriers depot. He gave me a tracking number which verified that it had been at the couriers depot since 14th Sept failing and unsuccesful delivery attempt to Xbox Ent. He told me he would get on to them that day. On Tues 24th the tracking still showed as at the depot. I emailed yet again asking why it wasnt a simple case of asking the courier to redeliver. I recieved a prompt reply blaming the courier and telling me that my package, along with 6 others wer being delivered to him that day. (I simply cannot believe that a worldwide courier who's reputation depends on prompt deliveries, is at fault!). I eventually received my Chipped WII on the 29th Sept. There was no letter of any sort, my Wii play Disk which I had accidentlally left in the drive was totally smashed with a large triangular chunk actually missing out of it. The only good news was the chipping itself seems fine and plays all I have thrown at it so far.

    I was actually thinking of ordering a Pre Chipped Wii from this site, but I will now be looking elsewhere
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    That sounds about right!

    My bro sent his via Royal mail as i was getting let down just like you did with the courier.

    We received his back chipped in a week.

    I know a fella who chips them in bloke as well.

    hopefully i wont have to wait as long on my wii I've sent him.

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    Just wanted to add that i have just bought from this company for the first time, and had no problems.

    I ordered a reasonably priced self-fit Wasabi-DX chip on the Saturday and it was with me on Thursday morning.


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