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Thread: Unable to play backup games after firmware upgrade (V4.0E)

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    Question Unable to play backup games after firmware upgrade (V4.0E)

    Hi all - first off, it wasn't me ! One of the kids put a disk in and managed to update the firmware (hadn't turned off system update option after last D2Pro update) so anywho.....

    Solderless D2Pro fited with Wii-clip - HW 2.0, FW 1.7
    Wii - 1Mb D2C System
    Current firmware - 4.0E

    So I've done a bit of trawling through the forums and think that the problem is that V4.0E doesn't allow discs with false key to be read. My originals all work OK and can use the D2Pro utility disc so no problem with Wii itself.

    Following the guide on here, I have installed Homebrew channel using Bannerbomb but to be honest, that's kinda as far as I've got. I understand the concept of firmware versions (PC engineer) but can't get my head around what an IOS is and how it can be manipulated. That may not be an issue if I can find another solution.

    Question 1 - can a Wii with D2Pro access backup / copied games ?
    Question 2 - depending on response from (1), can a 4.0E be downgraded to FW 3.2 to allow this to happen ?

    I've read a lot about question 2 but there doesn't seem to be a concise answer yes / no with simple instructions.

    Hoping you can help.


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    Right - sat back and had a think about this problem.....and actually started to reads the words in the posts / guides !

    Simple answer is to follow this -->

    I now have my Wii running v3.2E and my backup games work again.

    Thanks to all



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