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Thread: 3.1 wii hbc

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    3.1 wii hbc

    hi guys i was looking for some more help
    my mum got a 2nd hand wii today and asked me to put the HBC on it but i checked the firmware and its 3.1

    i know if i go online and update the wii it will take me straight to 4.0
    is there a way i can update to 3.2/3.3/or 3.4 so i can put the HBC in easily

    thanck you

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    updating to 3.2/3.3/3.4

    Im not 100 % sure, But i would assume that you could look up games that came with an update, use that, then do the hbc thing.

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    how do i use the use cios downgrader?
    dont i have to have HBC installed first to uses these

    do u have a guide

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    You can still do the Twilight Princess hack. Just you need the original game. Download the hack files and make sure you use the right file. Follow the instruction as posted in the forum tutorial. You shall have HBC installed to do all the trick you need.


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