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    Unhappy madworld fix

    Hi i downloaded madworld (PAL and NTSC) i am using backuploader gamma. in order to get it to work, i see a lot of posts about 002fix i am pretty new to these things. can someone either walk me through what i have to do to get madworld to work, or at least direct me to a walkthrough that is ideal for someone who knows nothing. please help i dont want to try something that bricks my wii. any help would be much appreciated

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    First of all, I see you mentioned you have the gamma loader. May I know what version of your wii (like 3.4u or 3.3u etc). Secondly, you try this two method:

    1) download gamma loader with #002 fix. You can find the download file from this forum. Need to use the search function. This is the quick fix with 002 problem. OR

    2) download IOS36 rev8 (Waninkoko version) from either Waninkoko website or from this forum. Rename the file to "Boot.dol" and put it in the "apps" folder. Run HBC and select the IOS to proceed with install. Select "network installation" and it should just take you no more than 10 mins to complete. Restart your wii and pop in the game. You should be up and running.

    I did the later version and I get to play the game without problem. I have 3.2u with original gamma loader 0.3.

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    hi first off thanks for your quick reply,
    i am using wii gator backup loader gamma
    my wii 3.2U
    i am about to try the first method, i will post if my results

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    hey i used method 2 and i got it to work thanks a million!!!

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    Glad to hear that.

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    i used the first method
    i can play the game but game freez near the first boss
    how i can fix it?

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    game frozen due to low temperature ?
    then, it's due to bad media. reburn the ISO will do.

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