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Thread: Installed HBC on 4.0u --using BannerBomb,,,now what..

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    Installed HBC on 4.0u --using BannerBomb,,,now what..

    I have a couple of questions that I need answered, I installed the Homebrew Channel using Bannerbomb, I have SYS Version: 4.0u. I have also installed the HomeBrewBrowser. The question I want to know is how do you play backup games, what Do i need to install, etc....


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    go to piratebay... type in " wii 4.0 " you will see a file looking something like wii 4.0 softmod..... get that... and follow the directions EXACT, and you will beable to play NTSC burned games.... if you get PAL games, use reigonfrii to change to ntsc... then play

    you must follow every step or it may not work.. i have used it personally and it works... enjoy


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