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Thread: Questions On Installing Wii HBC on 4.0U

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    Questions On Installing Wii HBC on 4.0U

    Hi guy's ReXgor here, um and I'm kinda of worried. See I installed The HBC channel using BannerBomb before, however I was to afraid to download any apps. The reason was I was wondering if all apps were compatible with Wii Version 4.0. Anyways please answer that.

    Also can I do this since I've done BannerBomb:

    ^^And how can I be extremely careful not to be bricked?

    So like I said, I uninstalled the HBC cause I was afraid I might get bricked since I was installing a Homebrew App on 4.0... Will I? Or can you install apps fine on HBC 4.0U with the SD Card Menu

    Anyways also the thread says "Virgin 4.0 Wii's" and mine has already had the HBC on it... Has it lost it's virginity?

    And once I have the HBC channel installed and I do this:

    "6. Done! You now have HBC and cIOS249 so all your HB should work. If you plan on staying on 4, format your sd card, copy the contents of this rar to it and add the patched IOS60 with wad manager and run IOS downgrader, this will add the fakesign bug to all your IOS."

    Will I be able to keep Wii Connect24 on, still use the Wii Shop, and play Wifi Games.

    Please help I really want some answers.

    Oh and forgive me for being over worried. It's just I'm using to PSP an DS hacking, and if you do one little mistake, like putting in the wrong folder, or file you're bricked...

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    I recently hacked my 4.0U with BannerBomb(wasn't hacked before). I installed HBC and Backup launcher. Then I put usb loader and MplayerCE on the SD card. Put all my games in usb drive and also download some ISO from the web. Everything works fine. I don't have to worry about the DVD drive's life cuz I did notice some noise while loading discs. I think we should be ok for while until Nintendo release next firmware update. I turn off wiiconnect24. For next update, I will wait for a while and see people's common about it. I am sure there will be new way to hack it again.


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