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Thread: Pal backups not working

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    Pal backups not working

    Hey all, i just recently got backup loading working on my 4.0U. It is setup to load backups right from the main disc window which is nice. My problem however is that it will only seem to read the NTSC backups i burn. Any PAL backups it will not reconize it at all.

    So my question is is there a way i can get this to read PAL in there as well as NTSC WITHOUT installing the gamma backup loader?

    if noone is familiar with this you can go to demonoid and type in "wii 4.0" there should be 2 torrents that show up with a bunch of instruction for getting things to work finally on 4.0.

    Any suggestions welcome. Thanks much

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    Why don't you make your backups NTSC using something like regionfrii or something

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    someone just PMed me and told me this. I was unaware of the existance of this program and i will try it after work today but thanks for posting


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