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Thread: Game Plan for Soft Mods - Experienced Reviews requested

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    Game Plan for Soft Mods - Experienced Reviews requested


    Trying to put a game plan together to make modifications to my Wii with the use of the Tutorials here, after a bad experience w/ mall ware the last time I did something I thought I'd plan it out further.

    Would appreciate any advise on what I'm about to do. (especially easier / better ways of doing it, "watch out for ...", etc.) I freely admit I don't know that much, so please feel free to point out the obvious!

    -My system
    3.1U, running Homebrew Beta 9, ISO36, backup launch 0.3 installed (never worked, part of the "mall ware" problem.

    -What I'd like to do (many more things I'd like to do, but this should get me going)
    Run Homebrew (mainly used for playing my old NES games)
    Run Back-ups of my Games off USB Hard Drive (+ability to back them up)
    Not worry about new games updating my system menu and locking out future hacks. (bought a copy of Excite Bots, still haven't played it as it's wanting to update my Wii)

    The Plan
    1) Seems version 3.2 is the best for most hacks, so I'll update to it via ChrisChown's Ultimate Upgrade / Downgrade Guide

    2) Delete non-working back-up launcher

    3) Upgrade to newest version of Homebrew. No internet connection, so I'll delete the channel and add again thru the Twilight Hack

    3.5 Install Starfall for Brick and update protection (thanks Dogeggs)

    4) Install Wii USB loader v1.1 via ModernMan's Tutorial

    4.5) After installing USB Loader V1.1, I realized it was outdated so I installed CIOS36_rev10 and USB loader v1.5

    -With all this done, I should be able to back-up my games and run them on my Wii without having to update my system.
    Is this correct? Or do I need to run the ISOs thru Wiu1.1?

    In the future I'd also plan on adding BootMii, and Starfall. Though these first steps should do most of what I want)

    Is this a sound plan, or am I missing something?

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    Great plan m8 - though you should install starfall first after going to 3.2 for its brick protection and ability to block disc updates, cos you want to play excitebots asap

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    Great point, thanks.

    Will add it to the list.

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    When I did it, I watched a few videos from youtube and read a few guides, but since you are basically there, with HBC already installed, just go to the latest CIOS 36 and start using USB. Just read around first and make sure you understand the processes first, it usually helps me out, even though it sounds like garbage when you first glance at the info, it makes sense while you are doing it

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    SWEET, SWEET, SWEET... Did I mention this is SWEEEEEET!

    I've edited my first post to show the additional steps I've taken. (Starfall was well worth it!)

    Very easy to do, the hardest thing was getting my Wii hooked up to the net. (Netgear was nice enough to package me a bad network cable!)

    Talk about lazyness (never having to get up to change a game!). Now I just need to find the Tutorials on how to get a web browser and my wireless keyboard hooked up! Don't think I'd ever leave the couch once I do that.

    Thanks for the replies, and everyone who put their time into those tutorials.



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