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Thread: [B]i need help pls help[/B]

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    [B]i need help pls help[/B]

    hey i am kinda in deep shit^^

    I have a wii and i just got the homebrew channel on it
    I want to play games on it with the backup loader and i have the backup loader on my wii but for that i also need Cios but that is a .wad, now the problem is my wad manager dont work
    Every time i want to start wad manager and i press "a" i got: retrieving device contents ERROR! (ret=-1)

    On other comments i saw I had to but a new SD card, well i did that i bought a normal 2gb
    I am on firmware 3.4E.
    I saw on a comment that u fixed the problem by downgrading.
    Well i would love to downgrade to 3.2 but the problem is i cant downgrade cause i need was-manager to downgrade.
    Now is my question how can i downgrade to 3.2?
    Or if you have another solution for me pls tell me!!!

    Mvg Stemargia!!!

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