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Thread: SD/USB Loader v1.5 problem

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    SD/USB Loader v1.5 problem

    I'm using SB/USB Loader v1.5 with an external USB-HD and I'm having a strange problem.

    When I start the Wii and start SB/USB Loader it shows the list of games on the HD. I can play any game I like.
    During the game I press <home> and start SB-USB Loader again.
    Now I don't see the list of games. The loader reports an error, saying HD has to be formatted. Of course that is not what I do. I press the <B>-key instead and return to the Wii-menu.
    Then I start the loader again: I get the list of games.

    After playing a game, it looks like I have to reset something with the <B>-key leaving the loader program. After that the list is shown again with the loader program.

    Is there anyone having this same problem? Is there a work-a-round?

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    i had the same issue.. it only happens a few times idk what is the cause of it but as long as the games are working im not gonna worry about it.

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    If you can get the games to play don't worry about it for now, I'm sure there will be more releases for the usbloader to fix some of the issues.

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    Happened to me a few times. It seems to be a random problem. I just said F*** It and ignored it.

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