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Thread: Editing Disc ID for WBFS?

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    Editing Disc ID for WBFS?

    Is there a way to edit the Disc ID on a Wii ISO?

    It seems games loaded to a WBFS drive must have unique Disc IDs.
    It looks like WBFS manager will let you change the name but not
    the DiscID. There are quite a few good Custom Guitar Hero ISOs
    out there, however, they all have either DiscID RGHE52 (NTSC)
    or RGHP52 (PAL)... so you can't load them all onto the drive.

    Ideally you would be able to change the Disc ID in WBFS Manager
    but it looks like the author is finished with that project and
    not even doing bug fixes any longer - and my meager financial
    contribution wasn't enough to justify asking favors lol.

    Does anyone know of a utility for editing/patching/changing the
    Disc ID on a Wii ISO?

    *EDIT* I got an answer elsewhere. This utility does it - -
    or you can simply use a hex editor
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    what editor is that?
    the link above is dead


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