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Thread: softmii or bootmii ?

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    softmii or bootmii ?

    hi i have the hbc and downgraded to 3.2 i also have gamma back up laucher which so far works fine but i'm thinking about adding softmii or bootmii just wanted which 1 is beter ?

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    probably taking " the Ultimate System Menu Guide " will make u more happy.
    u're at 3.2, don't u ?

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    they are totally un-related and you can have them both

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    oh ok cool

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    i have same system choose bootmii its very well made and you can backup your entire wii to sd and restore it thats amazing did mine last night very easy
    and it works on 4.0 too as my sisters works with it it has built in hbc
    choose bootmii beta 1 works on most wiis no issues as yet

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    Just doing a quick check on this, so i don't screw it up...

    I have a wii with LEH serial
    Was on 3.4 when I discovered homebrew for wii
    Followed the 3.1-3.4 Twilight/Downgrade/Starfall/GammaTutorial
    All good, installed a few wads, wii ware and VC games, downloaded some homebrew apps, updated HBC to the lastest and installed DVDx but not bootmii using hackmii, all good anyways
    Discovered more about Softmii, Bootmii and preloader
    Themes? oh looks cool! oh and being unbrickable, looks awesome!
    I've installed preloader, all good
    THEN i backed up my NAND using the Softmii NAND browser (did it the wrong way around?? :P)

    Here's where i'm sitting on the fence

    I can only install Bootmii as an IOS (boo, i long for boot2)
    I don't need DVDx at all, so yeah
    Thinking about installing the Softmii Tweak Toy v2.1.1 so i can install themes, and maybe see what else i can do

    So, should i -
    go and install Bootmii as an IOS
    back up my NAND using Bootmii, even if i have already done it with the Softmii NAND browser
    install STT v2.1.1
    apply some themes

    Thanks to all who could advise me, cheers

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