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Thread: Custom or injected wads on 4.0e

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    Question Custom or injected wads on 4.0e

    Hey I've read a lot about people downgrading their firmware to lower revisions such as 3.2. However I was wondering is it possible to run custom wads as in for example Earthbound through 4.0e. I've searched a lot but nothing directly related to my issue.

    1. Backups work on wii
    2. Regionfree works gamecube and Wii
    3. Original Wii wads from any region work
    4. Installation of any wads work through wad manager 1.4

    But anything custom does not work on 4.0e

    I followed the bannerbomb thread and used the tutorial in this post tutorial

    Do I need to do anything else to make custom wads for virtual console work or don't they work period ?

    Also if the answer is already up somewhere sorry but I did search

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    You just need the patched IOS60 to make them work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogeggs View Post
    You just need the patched IOS60 to make them work.
    I'm talking about custom wads such as The ones in this youtube video

    I installed a patched IOS60 as far as I know
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