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Thread: Looking for new friends on Wii

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    Talking Looking for new friends on Wii

    Hey - I'm looking for new friends on the Wii, especially if you're playing Metroid 3 now!

    My system is:

    Harbin Wii

    email or PM me if you want to add me to your list - I'll add you to my address book


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    My Wii is just coming in so I will send it to you soon.

    Just curious, what benefit does trading wii code give you in respect to metroid? I thought there was no multiplayer?

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    This is for Jack...Metroid has these things on it that you can get called "Friend Vouchers" and you can send those to friends. When your friend gets one, they get a Friend credit. These friend credits are essential to buying some of the games unlockable stuff, such as a Mii Bobble Head and Bumper Stickers for your ship.

    And for the other dude, I am gonna add you to my Wii...make sure to hook me up with a friend voucher!
    Secret Agent Tom Tom strikes again!

    This time, he has new technology (known to some as a Wii.) He even has a new crew to back him up (my Wii Friends).

    Add me people! 3865-3539-7829-4136

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    Satt, thanks for that explanation... i get it now...

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    Hi there!

    Add me too!

    Friend code: 3953-3110-8338-0340

    Name: Shaun

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    add me dude maybe we can trade some mii's!

    cheers vinny
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    hi my names Rob i added you register me and ill send you some funny miis my code is 8506-4062-1581-9061 also im gonna cop metroid on pay day so i will def get you on that voucher if you do the same thanks-Rob

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    Talking da

    heeeeeeeey i'm new in this forum thing...add me my wii code is 2713-5226-6960-4563

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    Exclamation Add mii please Too

    yeah i just got into the whole wii community and would love to trade mii's

    my # is 6480 0259 1516 6226

    I go by Einstein

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    1693 0902 1453 4802 add me

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