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Thread: How I fixed My wii (semi-bricked) no internet.

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    How I fixed My wii (semi-bricked) no internet.

    Wii 3.2e with twilight hack
    pre-loader v.28 (thank god)

    Soft modded the wii and was working fine.
    Came across mad world and started installing every wad etc. i could find and that i thought may help it work. (bad mistake).

    SomehowAfter a reset i get
    *System Files Corrupt, refer to wii guide for trouble shooting*

    This was before the health warning screen and even the letters of the message itself was corrupted.

    This meant i couldnt get into the sys menu at all, load autoboot disks, get into wii settings to wifi connect etc. luckily i could still access hbc through pre-loader.

    Games could still load through backup launcher, but i could not downgrade or even upgrade system menu without internet connection. Any title deleter just gave me error messages or froze, and any reigion changer did the same.

    Downloaded wii-system-menu-update-PAL-v290 and burnt to an autoboot disk at x2 but wouldnt load b4 system error message when wii switched back on. Tried to load disk through backup launcher hbc but just gave a code dump.

    I then used wii scrubber on wii-system-menu-update-PAL-v290.iso and extracted IOS30-64-v1040.wad and SystemMenu-v290.wad to wii sd card,
    Ran HBC, then with wad manager installed ios30 then systemMenu-v290 and guess what.....

    --Back To Normal 3.2e YEEEEHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!--

    Hope this helps some1 out there!!


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    Smile Thanks So Much

    Your a Star...Been trying to solve same problem for days....tried to fix it with the wii-system-menu-update-PAL-v290.iso but couldn't make the burnt disk load (wasted about 7 disks burning at different speeds)...

    I have a question.... Now that I have my Wii back to normal should I have to re-install Softmii/USB Loader etc, I ask because my back-ups don't show up in disk channel any more. I don't want to brick my wii again messing around (one day I might not be able to fix it)....

    Thanks for the fix info can't tell you how happy I am.....

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    good to hear

    Install hackmii_installer_beta2.elf with twilight hack now your wii is working.

    *Patch boot 2 in the options.
    *Create a bootable nand dump to your sd.

    Save your dump to your pc and burn to disks as backups.
    Your wii will now never be able to be fully bricked.

    Glad i could help.

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    WiiJZ you are the best

    thanks a million for this tip
    my kids semi-bricked their hardmodded wii and nobody could fix it but with yuor tip its back now to 3.2u
    the only problem i`m facing is unable to connect to internet
    I have linksys wag200 and all the computers are working fine there is no wifi security set , wifi channel set to 11 , but still the wii cannot connect to internet it says error 51330 !!!!!
    any help?!!!

    thanks in advance
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