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Thread: Drivekey, My Brick, Wads, and Scrubbed ISO questions

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    Cool Drivekey, My Brick, Wads, and Scrubbed ISO questions

    I recently turned my wii into a Banner Brick by making silly mistakes in banner editing. Anyways, I found a post on the internet detailing how to unbrick my console using a modded gamecube controller (or SaveMii dongle), Drivekey, and the official Wii backup disc 1.31. here's a link to the post.
    I was wondering if anyone had tried this with sucess? Also, once I have my drivekey I plan on using it to play backups. I wondered since you can't use Scrubbed ISO's. Can you use the WiiScrubber to unscrub the ISO's and then burn them? Would this work? I'm also wondering about PAL and NTSC Wad files. Will I still be able to install them with drivekey and HBC? I found a work around to keep the HBC installed while upgrading to firmware 4.0

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    Well I have no doubt that wi scrubbed wont turn a scrubbed game back into a normal game, As to scrub it you have to remove video files and such so you cant replace them if you dont have a original disk and then it still prob will not be posible and if there was a way it would be easier and safer just to back the disk up any way.

    Scrubbed games do work on drivekey before a certain firmware (not sure what one as updated to 4.0e the day i got my wii) and as for the rest i dont have a softmod wii so cant say

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