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Thread: Are there little to none advantages of hard-modding and then soft-modding?

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    Question Are there little to none advantages of hard-modding and then soft-modding?

    Let's just say I install a WiiKey2 or a DriveKey. If burn myself TP, and do the Twilight Exploit, will I have any advantages and/or disadvantages?

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    I am pretty sure you didn't check around the forum yet. But you will find your answer here in the community. You already have a chip to read backup. You can run Twilight Princess either original or backup. Just make sure you use the right TP file to install HBC.

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    Well, I haven't looked around the forum much, so you're right on that. From what I can see, it's pretty much no difference at all, just to install HBC, correct?

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    or if your wii firmware is 3.2 or lower you can download the self-booting iso and burn it and use it. just google homebrew channel and click the first result and then go to the download section

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    I'm on 4.0 (SD Support FTW), so that's not for me.

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    You need to read the Bannerbomb guide to install HBC to v4.0 wii. Good luck trying

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    I've read it, tried it. I'm yet to try the other files, I've only tried the first one so far.

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    I have the best of both worlds, mod and softmod...I'd suggest both if you can and in your budget.
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