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    Hey guys i got everything going! i need to make it 100%

    2 question

    in my sd card i have the homebrew when i open the homebrew chanel i get the backup dvd louncher and the iso file installer.

    so how do i add stuff?like games and chanels??cause i downloaded a full pack or stuff and in it there is lots of cool stuff like roms and chanels.

    now i made another sd card with an apps folder in it.when i open homebrew it shows nothing?and if i drop one of the other sd card file it see's it?i noticed a boot.elf file in the others and in the ones tha work it is a .dol

    but in the bunch of stuff i downloaded there is nothing at all in the folders to lauch it?or some have the boot.elf.

    now is that a valide extension?cause i notice if i switch them to .bot it shows up on homebrew but not working..

    and now that i have homebrew with the dvd backup thing if i download games do i just mount them or do i eed to patch it first,like with wiibrickblocker?

    i uploaded the bunch of stuff rar file for you to see.Thx for the help guys!!


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    Look at Homebrew Channel - WiiBrew
    here you can find the info about meta.xml and that the homebrew channel above version 0.9 only use boot.dol files.
    So if you use .elf files you must convert those with use of a "elf to dol converter"

    If you want to use your own backupped games than you must install a cIOS, then use wiigater backup launcher 0.3 gamma and you won't have to patch you games.

    Final hint: Use the search bar, for all of your questions

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    vex, hbc can run elfs fine

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    There are *TWO* ELF formats!
    Basically the original compiler made "b0rked" ELFs ...quite what was b0rked I don't know, but... they fixed the compiler.
    When HBC v1.0.1 was released Team Twiizers decided (I have no idea why) to drop support for 'old' ELFs ...If you try to launch an 'old' ELF from HBC v1.0.1 (or later) it will simply complain and refuse to run it.
    You have two solutions:
    1. Convert the 'old' ELF to a DOL with an ELFtoDOL converter such as ELF to DOL Converter - WiiBrew
    2. Use a HomeBrew launcher that supports the 'old' ELF format ...personally I use LoadMii LoadMii - WiiBrew


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    oh, i didnt know there were two! thanks Ti


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